Welcome to the NEW RetailCOP website

Welcome to RetailCOP, the only online retail crime prevention community administered by law enforcement in Canada. RetailCOP is an effective, efficient and innovative crime prevention tool that permits: the police, retailers, loss prevention and security personnel to share retail related intelligence in real time. The RetailCOP program supports and assists loss prevention strategies, provides analytical and statistical data and aides the identification process of unknown persons of interest and management of high profile offenders.

RetailCOP is a FREE program; however, all members must comply with the directions contained within the user manual (which is accessible to members). Prospective members complete and submit a member application under one of three categories: law enforcement, loss prevention or member. This application is reviewed by the City site administrators, is subject to scrutiny and a suitability review process. If approved, members receive a confirmation e-mail providing immediate access to the site. Breaches of the terms and conditions are not permitted. Users breaching provincial legislation, or data protection mandates may face prosecution.

This website, and the RetailCOP program has evolved from the program that was initialized and promoted by the Downtown Business Association in Victoria, B.C. Without their assistance, significant investment by the Calgary Police Service, and the creativity of Coast Internet Publishing, this website would not have been possible.

Are you a law enforcement agency? Would you like to bring the RetailCOP program to your city? Select 'Apply for City' for further information.